Associates and Partners: A Legal Recruitment Platform

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Associates and Partners is a website that connects legal professionals with law firms and in-house legal teams in the UK. It aims to provide a convenient and transparent way for people to find and apply for legal jobs online. Associates and Partners offers a range of roles, such as associates, partners, paralegals, business support, and interim and consulting positions¹².

 How Does Associates and Partners Work?

Associates and Partners works as a platform where legal professionals can create their profiles and upload their CVs. They can then browse and search for legal jobs by category, location, salary, or keyword. They can also set up job alerts and receive notifications when new opportunities match their criteria. Associates and Partners handles the application process and provides feedback and guidance¹.

Associates and Partners also provides information and advice for both legal professionals and employers. For legal professionals, it offers tips on how to write a CV, prepare for an interview, negotiate a salary, and plan a career. For employers, it offers insights on how to attract, retain, and develop talent, comply with regulations, and improve their diversity and inclusion practices¹.

 What Are the Benefits of Associates and Partners?

Associates and Partners has several benefits for both legal professionals and employers. Some of these are:

– For Legal Professionals:

    – Associates and Partners helps legal professionals find new opportunities and advance their careers¹.

    – Associates and Partners allows legal professionals to access a wide range of roles across different sectors and locations¹.

    – Associates and Partners enables legal professionals to showcase their skills, experience, and achievements to potential employers¹.

    – Associates and Partners supports legal professionals with application, feedback, and guidance¹.

– For Employers:

    – Associates and Partners helps employers recruit qualified and suitable candidates for their legal roles¹.

    – Associates and Partners allows employers to reach a large pool of talent across different levels and specialisms¹.

    – Associates and Partners enables employers to promote their brand, culture, and values to potential candidates¹.

    – Associates and Partners supports employers with screening, shortlisting, and interviewing candidates¹.

 How to Join Associates and Partners?

Associates and Partners is free to join for both legal professionals and employers. To join as a legal professional, you need to register on the website and create your profile. You can then upload your CV, browse or search for jobs, apply online, or set up job alerts¹.

To join as an employer, you need to register on the website and create your account. You can then post your jobs, manage your applications, view candidate profiles, or contact candidates directly¹.


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